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The radiation environment at L2 is of great interest to current and future space missions with operational orbits around the Sun Earth Lagrange point. End of Life performance and transient events on the semiconductor imaging detectors are based on models that need to be correlated to real data. Transient events in the form of cosmic ray trails recorded on the Gaia Focal Plane CCDs may support these studies and a small initial engineering data release has been prepared for this purpose.

Insurers were understandably reluctant to write her a policy, so one of the stipulations of an agreement was a strict driving restriction. The insurance company hasn canceled the actress policy yet. But Lohan has been told that getting behind the wheel again before shooting has completed would be a very bad idea, career wise.

The sculpture’s very Italianate elegance probably stems from the fact that Primaticcio did the drawing for it. The adolescent’s hunched posture, sitting on a rock gazing intently down at the tablet, is freely inspired by a famous classical statue, the Spinario or Thorn Puller (Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome), offered by Pope Sixtus IV to the people of Rome in 1471. The sculptor gave the spirit a vigorous, firm fleshed physique.

Use the enthusiasm and knowledge of your own teams to present their work. When we occasionally see them in ESA events they are great, real people who do real science and engineering. They will get far more recognition than they will from their name in some obscure journal.

Ellos fueron muy buenos con nosotros. Tuve una experiencia similar cuando cubra las noticias de las inundaciones de 2004 cerca de la frontera dominicana. Los haitianos son gente maravillosa y muy decente. Ligon took a roughly eight by six foot canvas, stenciled a passage from Baldwin’s account onto it with thick, greasy oilstick, and bathed the results in layers of glittering black crushed coal. The result: Rows of encrusted marks move across the surface of a scorched looking monochrome surface. Words and phrases emerge here and there, but the object looks like mineral rich elegiac abstraction.

Il me regardait m’essouffler, je faisais mes 10 x 30 30 et mes 2 x 500: Sarah, enfin, ouvre les mains, ça a plus d Dans ma tête, en desserrant mes poings, je me disais: Je vais mourir, mais ce n pas grave, ce sera avec allure Puis, à la fin de l il me dit gentiment: Dis donc, ton pas est un peu lourd. Je lui ai rétorqué: Non, mais Daniel, je te jure que l dernière, j aérienne, on aurait dit une danseuse J juste pris un peu de poids. Il m répondu d ton bienveillant: Je sais que ça ne se demande pas à une femme, mais combien as tu pris? J réfléchi un instant.

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