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It’s difficult to talk about him. I’d say that whereas the rest of us each make up a small part of football, he embodies football because of his exceptional personality. He’s made from the same stuff as Pele, [Diego] Maradona, [Alfredo] Di Stefano and [Ferenc] Puskas.

Criterion (vii): Thung Yai Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary contains biological features of outstanding natural beauty and of great scientific value, including many natural features and two major watersheds with their associated riverine forests. Straddling the Shan Thai folded mountains and its three distinct landforms, the property contains ridges that run parallel from north to south, rising to heights well over 1,500 meters. The tallest peak, Thung Yai, reaches 1,830 meters above sea level while the numerous valley bottoms within the sanctuary slope from 400 to 250 meters above sea level, creating stunning landscapes and encompassing superlative forest habitats..

One of these paintings is an extremely faint group of riders on horses, depicted in a very specific style of the Ennedi Plateau known as the ‘flying gallop’. Being so faint, the images were difficult to describe, and therefore I again had to use colour enhancement to identify them. By inverting the colours, I was ableto see the riders and some previously undetected cows , but it also led me to an unexpected discovery: one of the riders was in fact a man on foot, with a horse superimposed.

Login Error The email address/password you submitted is wrong or could not be found. Please try again. The email address/password you submitted is wrong or could not be found. YEMEN: The Yemen Observer reported on 17 May on Yemen’s celebration on the International Day of the Midwife. The article noted UNFPA’s participation in the event and quoted the speech ofUNFPAExecutive Director Babatunde Osotimehin. It also highlighted the UNFPA’s preparation for Midwives Conference in Durban, which is to take place in June..

1 0 EAST COAST. ALLIE STEVENS SHOT FROM THE HALLOWELL SEEMS TO HAVE STOPPED BUT IT TRICKLES IN, BAD LUCK FOR MINUTES LATER. JAYDEN YOUNG THROWS DOWN THE SLAPPER, FINDS ITS WAY IN, WIZARDS UP 3 0. Event driven funds, up 3.6% for the month, continued on a trend seen in the past few months, on the back of strong deal flows. The month saw several competitive bidding situations with bids revised upwards. One example is the ongoing consolidation in the steel industry: the world’s largest steel maker Mittal Steel bid 18.6 billion euros (US$ 22.8 billion) in the last week of January for its biggest rival, Arcelor.

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