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Y a pas que la fesse dans la vie / Y a le sexe aussi chantait Francky Vincent. Mais Flo Rida et Pitbull ne sont visiblement pas d’accord car ils ont fait monter la temp rature avec « Can’t Believe It », extrait de l’album « The Perfect 10 » para tre en 2014. C’est simple, dans ce clip paradisiaque, ce n’est pas vraiment la chanson qui retient notre attention mais la multitude de fessiers qui envahit le paysage.

« The full extent of the disaster didn’t really reach us until I was in Brazil, » he says. « I remember that I was travelling by plane on my way back home to my city (Porto Alegre) and everyone was talking about it. The pictures were on television and we were really shocked.

LEBANON: As Safir reported on 25 November a column on the 7 Billion population milestone. The article provides global UNFPA statistics on a number of issues such as fertility rates, life expectancy, maternal health and poverty. It wonders about the population growth landmarks and projections in light of past and present population policies and ideologies.

The more precise implication of Newman argument is that the impact of digital media has been so dramatic as to force into alignment existing technologies, specifically drawing and photography, which have conventionally been considered to operate very differently.2 As is frequently noted, when compared with the digital, analogue photography indexicality becomes newly prominent.3 We might add that film celluloid support, composed as it is of a linear, discontinuous sequence of internally continuous frames, also gains new visibility in a digital age. This essay explores some ways in which our conception of drawing is reconfigured by the arrival of digital media. That is, how concepts and processes associated with the analogue are particularly attuned to articulating the kinds of conversions involved in embodied perception, as well as the intensive or affective register of those processes.

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After the fall of the Taliban, I studied midwifery and graduated in 2004. Now that I am a midwife with the skills and knowledge required for my profession, I feel strong enough to advocate on behalf of others. My leadership skills give me the confidence to speak out in public and I do this through my position with the AMA..

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