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Ma Thae Ei Phyu has been deployed in Rakhine several times through the Myanmar Nurses and Midwife Association (MNMA). In 2012, she provided antenatal care to pregnant women in the displacement camps, providing check ups and immunizations, and giving health and hygiene lessons.She was deployed in Rakhine again in early 2014, but was evacuated because of the unrest.With her recent training which took place at an MNMA clinic in Yangon’s South Dagon Township in early May she will be even better equipped to serve displaced people in Rakhine.The programme covered antenatal care, delivery assistance and post natal services, as well as emergency obstetric care, voluntary family planning, post abortion care and the prevention of the mother to child transmission of HIV. »I have learned what the potential risks are during the first, second and third stages of delivery, » said Ms. Ma Thae Ei Phyu.

« A key point in the study is that different antibiotics caused different types of confusion, » Bhattacharyya said. « The fact that antibiotics can cause confusion has been recognized for many years, but it doesn’t come into the consciousness of many doctors simply because there are many causes of confusion in patients with infection. So being able to find distinct patterns was not something we anticipated. ».

En revanche, messieurs les magistrats, ce comité met un point final à votre tutelle sur les policiers. Car il annonce carrément la couleur: Le système actuel qui prévoit que la police judiciaire est exercée sous la direction du procureur de la république, sous la surveillance du procureur général et sous le contrôle de la chambre de l est satisfaisant. Il a toutefois été jugé qu serait opportun que la loi précise que les officiers de police judiciaire agissent toujours sous le contrôle de leurs chefs hiérarchiques..

17h37 Mode beauté 30 essentiels à glisser dans sa valise pour. Rio de Janeiro Cette semaine, »O » pose une dernière fois ses valises à Rio de Janeiro, ville multi facette aux couleurs pétillantes et au climat de fête. L’effervescence des Jeux Olympiques qui débuteront dans quelques jours est palpable jusque sur les plages de Copacabana et d’Ipanema.

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