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l’isf est un impôt moderne

Je mijote donc un petit papier (qui n d prétention que de figurer sur ce site) dont le thème tournera autour de la question que vaut ce que l peut dire aujourd sur les weblogs ? . Je procrastine peut être, mais ça mûrit gentiment. Voici quelques réflexions préliminaires pour vous tenir en haleine..

Haynes’ place in British football folklore is best remembered for his pay cheque, with the Fulham star the first player in England to earn after the removal of the wage cap. But to define him by currency cheapens the memory of an artisan footballer and loyal servant to his club. When Hayes left Fulham on 17 January 1970, it brought to an end a 17 year era in the west Londoners’ first team that has led both to a stand being named after him at Craven Cottage and his statue standing outside it..

If there are nonperistaltic, spasm like contractions in the esophageal body, the disease is referred to as vigorous achalasia. Achalasia is thought to result from post ganglionic denervation of the smooth muscle esophagus either as a result of parasitic infestation as in Chagas’ disease or, more commonly, as an idiopathic entity. A recent morphologic study of 42 esophagi resected from patients with advanced achalasia revealed diminished myenteric ganglion cells and inflammation within the myenteric plexus in all cases [3].

federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that the famous French luxury shoe designer was entitled to trademark protection of its signature fire engine red soles, with certain limitations. Patent and Trademark office to limit Louboutin registration uses in which the red outsole contrasts with the color of the rest of the shoe, meaning that if Yves Saint Laurent were to use a red sole on a red shoe, it would not infringe on Louboutin trademark. Patent and Trademark office had granted Louboutin protection in 2008..

By her own admission, England and Everton midfielder Jill Scott is somebody who follows trends and crazes. Back in 2003, she went to watch a UEFA EURO 2004 qualifier between England and Turkey in her hometown of Sunderland with friends, promising her mum that she be back straight after the game. However, a worried parent failed to factor in Beckham mania..

SALT’s « 2014 Preview Show » offers a taste of what’s to come at the Brooklyn Arts District photography only gallery. Feb. Internationally, SALT is exhibiting works by Canadian artist Leeta Harding and Lithuanian artist Edis Jurcys. La adopcin de la nueva ley sobre ‘organizaciones extranjeras no deseadas’ reducir en gran medida o detendr por completo la presencia de donantes extranjeros en Rusia. Esta situacin provocar una merma sustancial de la actividad cvica en algunas reas, especialmente en la del trabajo por los derechos de las mujeres y las personas LGBT ». Este revés ocurre cuando un nmero creciente de grupos por los derechos de las mujeres est recibiendo notificaciones de su certificacin de agente extranjero en un contexto que otrora era propicio para el dilogo, la solidaridad y el aprendizaje entre movimientos.

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