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lignes directrices sur les dépenses admissibles aux fins des accords de financement du programme de promotion de la femme

El Sol de Margarita (Venezuela) reported on 18 May that, for the director of Special Initiatives Census for UNFPA, Rogelio Fernndez, training of enumerators is critical to the preparation of a national registry as to be held next year in Venezuela. Mr. Fernandez was one of the instructors at a recent census training that was attended by representatives of the national statistics institutions for Argentina, Brasil, Repblica Dominicana, Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela.

That is how I did it. But I am not going to pretend there are not any constraints. Most notably, you cannot fully control your movements and so you need to be careful not to go too fast otherwise you end up bumping into the walls. Si non: Avec mon amie nous nous somme reconecté aujourd d le matin l a confirmé ne pas vouloir nous parlé, cette courte séance a était suivi par des phénomènes trés étranges: Nous avion deux heures de français, entre les deux :la récré, la séance. Quand nous sommes remonté en cours il y avait sur notre table ( nous sommes assises a cotes) un stylo qui n ni a elle ni à moi. Ensuite plutard dans la matiné et aussi dans l midi nous avons remarqué des griffures sur nos bras, nous avons senti quelquchose nous touché, le professeur de techno avait éteint mon écran d qui c rallumé seul, ce qui n pas dh nous nous sommes reconecté , l nous a dit que c bhien lui qui nous griffés , on s excusé auprés de lui il a dit qu aller arrété, je ne suis vraiment pas convaincu que ce soit lui, on verra bien En tout cas merci pour vos réponse.

As you recall in July last year, UNFPA partnered with the United Kingdom, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others to host the London Family Planning Summit. This led to $2.6 billion in new commitments from donor nations and more significant commitments from developing countries to increase their budgets. These commitments will make voluntary family planning available to an additional 120 million women and adolescent girls by 2020.The FP 2020, as it is referred to, has a Reference Group that is chaired by UNFPA and the Gates Foundation and builds on the work that UNFPA has been doing as a global leader on family planning for more than 40 years.It is driven by a simple truth: A woman’s ability to have children by choice, not chance, transforms lives, communities and countries.We believe it is a basic human right.It’s also a great investment, as we reported in last year’s State of World Population report.And the human returns on investment are even more compelling if we can attain universal access to reproductive health services, especially family planning: 55 million unplanned pregnancies prevented 138 million abortions averted, and 118 000 maternal deaths avoided.That’s why we are taking concrete steps to drive demand for family planning, improve supply and stock management of key contraceptives and to track our family planning expenditures and results all part of UNFPA’s family planning strategy, Choices not Chance.The Fund will promote and implement an integrated approach to make reproductive health and reproductive rights a reality by situating family planning in a rights based agenda and in broader sexual and reproductive health strategies and services.And we’re seeing real results:Countries like Burkina Faso, Burundi, Lao, Ethiopia, Mali, Madagascar, Sierra Leone and Haiti, recovering from a devastating earthquake, have all increased their contraceptive prevalence, increased the numbers of service delivery points offering at least three methods of contraception and increased their budget allocations for reproductive health commodities.That’s important because sustainability comes from there.Let me turn now to other milestone achievements in 2012.

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